Wednesday, May 23, 2007

El Barbarelliachi

Thanks to G for pointing this out for me. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Rodriguez is set to make a new film of Barbarella. Is this a remake, or a readaptation? Few are as familiar with the French comics as they are with Vadim's film, but the books are very worth looking at if you can find them. Each issue has a monochromatic color scheme (one with hints of blue, one with green, orange above, etc). That's familiar territory for Roberto "That Yellow Sin City Bastard" Rodriguez, but I wonder if he'll stick with it. I've always gone back and forth on Rodriguez from film to film, but I don't shudder at this news. But can he, I wonder, make something that will leave as indelible a mark on today's youth as Roger Vadim left on several other generations? I have to admit that the plastic-clad Jane Fonda was as much a part of this blogger's adolescent development as was any early-90's supermodel. Moreso, actually.

Whatever this new one is, I doubt it can be as much fun as Vadim's. I guess we can all but bet on Rose McGowan Rodriguez as Barbaralla. I liked her in Grindhouse, to be sure, but is she what Fonda was 40 years ago? Even decades later, the original film stands as a breakout feminist superheroine icon. Sci-fi damsels before her just screamed their way through disaster while Buck and Flash did all the work. But here was a woman who could discover -- and exploit -- her sexuality on her own terms, managing to save worlds and look really good doing it. There's always room for more good sci-fi heroines, but will the late 60's context be missed? Will Barbarella's social siginificance be impossible to recreate? Who cares, as long as she's smokin' hot, and there's a zero-gravity striptease scene. I'm down.

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