Monday, June 25, 2007

Guilt Present on Pride Day

I don't want this to be a divisive, political blog (other than pitting fans of the thing against fans of the blob), but I feel compelled to share these photos from the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco yesterday (I was in town for a lesbian baby shower, of course).

On the note of divisiveness, I will say that I was pleased at how harmonious the above incongruence was. The theologists were met with more eyerolls than dirty looks or curses. And, despite their constant droning in megaphones, the rhetoric was much more "Jesus loves you all!" than it was "You shall burn in Hell!"

Indeed, forgiveness is wonderful, but then again, so is a nice big fist up your a%#, from what some of my friends have told me. Ah well, at least there's a sale at Nordstrom.
P.S. Man, am I glad I like my parents, otherwise I'd own a lot more Village People albums than I do now. Maybe my love of the movie Cabaret can be traced back to that fight I had with my folks when I was 12.

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zak forrest said...

im gladi love your parents too