Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Celebrity Impersonator Deathmatch

If a few dozen out-of-work actors in New York dressed up as their favorite pop culture icon and hung around the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, it might look something like the scene in front of Graumann's Chinese Theater in LA. Apparently Chewie fondled Marilyn. I for one think Chewie is being victimized by a prejudice against Wookies. Besides, if Marilyn knew what Chewie was packing under that thick shag, she might think twice.

What's next? Will Xena: Warrior Princess sue Superman because he's an alien? Have these fakers no shame? It's actually a pretty crazy scene. A few years ago, when this blogger's own short film played at the Tromadance Film Festival in the shadow of Sundance, there was a short documentary on this gang. As I recall from way back then, Superheroes: We Work For Tips is really good and can be downloaded here or viewed on iFilm.

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