Friday, January 18, 2008

Since There Are No Other Giant Sea Monster Movies Out Now

... well, at least none worth your time, as I found out last night.

I'll be first in line for this one, with my Tylosaurus t-shirt on and Megalodon tooth tucked in my pocket (they make great paperweights, by the way). Finally, monsters I can get excited about.

I don't want to say too much about about Cloverfield. It has things to recommend it, granted, but ultimately, I left the theater with a feeling of "meh."

I wish I'd hated it. Then at least I'd be experiencing a palpable emotional response to the months of speculation and pent-up excitement for this "cinematic event." But I just feel let-down and duped into heightened anticipation by what is a well-made, but ultimately mediocre, ill-conceived, and non-substantive experience.

National Geographic, please wash away the bitter J.J. Abrams aftertaste in my mouth. 13 days until Lost season 4. I refuse to get excited.

Ok, I'm a little excited.

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PenisGages said...

I don't know if I told you, but I saw this before you posted anything about it. It was at the, what, Air and Space museum has the iMax? Zak and Ellaree and I went and were all sorely disappointed. We only knew the title, we didn't know it was about prehistoric stuff, and... wait, just so we remember this, I'm WAY FUCKING INTO DINOSAUR SHIT... okay, so it's called "sea monsters" and we were looking for awesome 3D underwater footage of like whales and squid and weird lookinf bearsharks and rhinocerfish or whatever. It's all CG stuff, not super great CG stuff, mediocre 3D-ness (the only other 3D I've seen is Beowulf) and then there's some boring footage of pretend archeologists pretending to sweep pretend dust off of possibly real bones. and pretending to think it was interesting.

I pretended to leave about ten minutes in, but then when I stopped pretending I realized I had to sit through the whole thing.

ONE cool thing, though, was the awesome glowing seaweed something hatching sort of pod sequence. that was definitely rad.

Also, I rock your blog three times a day. ABP. Always Be Posting, Alex. ABP.