Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heights and Lows

I know, I'm slow to post these days. And there is plenty of geek news as well. I'm in pre-production on a movie, and that leaves little time for the important things, such as discussing the physiology of fictional masses of pink goo from space. I'll probably have a few posts in rapid succession now.

Musicals may not be the usual nerd-fodder we discuss here, but neither are gay pride parades, and those made it into the pages of this blog. So at the risk of raising questions about my sexuality, I'll talk about the great American song-and-dance industry. Two pieces of news hit us hard this week:
Firstly, and most happily, In the Heights has taken the Tonys for Best Musical, Best Score, Best Choreography, and Best Orchestrations. Trophies went to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bill Sherman, both of them friends of the blog. All of our love and congratulations goes to them. But this good news is offset days later by the death of Cyd Charisse, who, as you can see below, is, um, hot.
One of the greatest partners of Kelly and Astaire, her work had a formative influence on the artistic taste -- if not the libido -- of this blogger, and she shall be missed. If her "Dancing in the Dark" with Astaire in The Bandwagon doesn't move you, you might be a Body Snatcher.

Viva Heights, and R.I.P. Cyd.

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