Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Realism Schmealism

Bless my friend Yeagers. Following up on the Joker discussion... here's the best example of why "realism" is overrated. We love Dick Tracy, and will challenge anyone who thinks otherwise to a bout of fisticuffs. In her words, "F%#* realism." Anyone operating under the opinion that reality (which is a subjective word, granted) has anything to do with the comic book page or the cinema screen is deluding themselves. Even the most "verite" of improvised dramas (Hollywood calls these "gritty") -- or a documentary for that matter -- is engineered, designed, and manipulated to elicit a manufactured response in an audience. It's why I never bought Dogma 95 (I vastly prefer Lloyd Kaufman's Dogpile 95). Spin these cinematic gimmicks with any lofty, pretentious BS you want... it's still a constructed fiction. So everyone banking on a real Joker, and a real Batman, those ideas are contradictions in terms. The only question is, "Does this work in the context of its own world?" Forget how easy it is to imagine the Joker in our "real" world.


shoes said...

Here wikipedia's list of Dick Tracy villains: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Dick_Tracy_villain_debuts

I think "Pear Shape" may be my favorite name for a bad guy ever.

Potomac said...

No joke: "The Pear" was my father's nickname in college, due to his waist being wider than his shoulders. He may have a future battling Warren Beatty.

zak forrest said...

i know you and ellaree are just talking about everything in terms of batman and whatnot, but if ella hates realism shes gonna have a tough time liking the movie that she is the star of