Monday, November 17, 2008

Executive Excelsior! 'Nuff Said!

Moments after basking in the promise of the first Geek President, I find out that Obama's comic-book-collectin,' MacBook-sportin,' Star-Trek-lovin' ass has been beaten to the punch by Dubya. The White House has announced the 2008 National Medal of Arts Recipients, and the Grand Doyen of all fanboys, Stan Lee, is among them. Sorry, Forrest Ackerman, take a number.

I think it fairly momentous that the creator of The Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, et al is going to receive the most prestigious arts award in the nation. But I have to guess that 'Bama is throwing kryptonite darts at a picture of W right about now. You just know the President-Elect was saving a spot for Stan right next to Stephen King, Spielberg, and J. K. Rowling. No? Ok, fine, that might be a bit much. Knock Steve off the list. No, the other Steve.

Anyway, it's a fine, validating day to be a geek.


Anonymous said...

"take a number Forry Ackerman"
Really, The arrogance of pop culture punks never ceases to amaze or amuse me. It is hard to say that forry was the first "fan boy" and without his dedication to the Sci Fi, and fantasy community, in promoting the books, stories, films and characters that you hold so dear. If not for Forry, this whole geek industry would not be the monster it is, or may not exist today at all.
It was Forry that dragged this genre kicking and screaming into the entertainment mainstream.
Media Arts award? there should be a 20 foot tall statue of Forry's ass, and be mandatory kissed by the legions of Fan Boys like yourself and the chosen one.

Poo, I say, Poo!

Potomac said...

Hey Anonymous,
Thanks for your subtle, even-handed character judgement. I don't feel the need to get too defensive here, since my original post was delivered -- I had hoped -- with a flippant sarcasm.
Look, I admire Forry a great deal. Shook his hand once at a convention, and I'll tell my nascent fledging geek tots that I met him. But in the end, Ackerman, though he's done a lot to promote the genre and for that I salute him, is famous for being a fan. That's honorable. But Stan Lee has created works and characters who have permeated almost every corner of pop culture and contemporary mythology. So yes, I feel he's a most deserving honoree. And the "Media Arts award" you dismiss more quickly than I did Ackerman is in fact the "National Medal of Arts," which is the most prestigious honor this nation bestows upon artists. It's like a knighthood for artists. More important than an Oscar, Saturn Award, or carnival stuffed animal. And DEFINITELY more kiss-worthy than "a 20 foot tall statue of [an] ass."