Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dr. Potomac & Mr. Strange Case

With deep love for its namesake and some remorse, this blogger is dropping the handle of Potomac. I had based that name on my time as a clerk at the greatest video store on the eastern seaboard. But as the number of my online accounts grows, I'm trying to consolidate the number of things I have to memorize, and I find that "Potomac" is taken by a lot of people. And I'm nothing if not a cyber-screenname iconoclast, right gang? Right? Anyway, Strange Case is the name of my recently formed production company, part of the working title of my upcoming film, and is utterly perplexing when read out of context. Perfect recipe. So yeah, I'm Strange Case. Nice to meet you.

1 comment:

MQA said...

strange case > potomac. long live strangecase!! (is it acceptable to leave out the space? because i just did by mistake, but i think it looks cool. and while we're on the topic, what are your feelings on writing it like StrangeCase? Mine are so-so. Actually, when I look at it for a sec, I like it.)